1. Suzuki Philippines Incorporated, exclusive manufacturer / distributor of Suzuki motorcycle in the Philippines, warrants to the original purchase of the motorcycle to be free from any defect in parts and workmanship, under normal use and service, subject to the following terms and conditions:

    One (1) year from the date of motorcycle purchase or up to 12,000 kilometers of motorcycle use, whichever comes first.

  2. Suzuki Philippines Incorporated covers by its warranty all troubles occasioned during the warranty period and attributable to the maker’s responsibility, except expendable parts. Specified below are the conditions and parts not covered by Suzuki’s warranty which are not attributable to the market responsibility.
    1. Trouble occasioned under the following conditions shall not be covered by this warranty.
      1. Any motorcycle which has not undergone the periodic inspection required by Suzuki in the owner’s manual.
      2. Trouble occasioned through user’s negligence, abuse or use in a way much deviated from the use for which the motorcycle is originally designed ( Traffic accident, collision or overturning, racing, over revolution of engine, use of recycled and not recommended oil or fuel, user’s mishandling, etc)
      3. Trouble caused by the use of parts other than Suzuki Genuine Parts.
      4. Trouble caused by making changes, alterations in the product and/or accessories.
      5. Trouble caused by breaking a seal or by disassembling any unremovable parts. (ECM, fuel injector, fuel pump, all sensor CDI unit, oil pump, speedometer, main switch, turn signal relay, shock absorber, etc.)
    2. Natural wear and deterioration of the following expendable parts shall not be covered by this warranty :
      Spark Plugs Tires & Tubes Lamps & Bulbs
      Wheel Spokes Fuses Sprockets
      Battery Cables Bolts & Nuts
      Drive chains Brake Shoes Tappet Shim
      Brake Pads Filters Mag Wheel
      Clutch Lining Rubber parts
      *Engine oil seals not included
    3. Initial and emotional complaints not based on any defect in quality or workmanship ( Vibration, noise, driving instability, etc.)
    4. Preventive service and other services done for maintenance such as the following, shall not be covered by this warranty :
      • Cleaning of intake and exhaust system
      • Lubrication of oil or grease
      • Adjustment of clutch and brakes
      • Other normal preventive and maintenance services.
    5. Any claim not presented in the specified procedures shall not be covered by this warranty. ( Motorcycles not registered uncertain contents of claim application.)
    6. Damage occasioned the course of transportation shall not be covered by this warranty.
    7. This warranty shall not cover any services rendered even during the warranty period if the services were not rendered perfectly.
  3. This warranty does not apply to :
    1. Any motorcycle that shall have been repaired or attended to outside of service facilities of Suzuki Philippines Incorporated or its accredited service shops and/or mechanics.
    2. Negligence or accidents and improper use of motorcycle or failure of customer to comply with the owner’s manual according this motorcycle.
    3. When trouble develops due to use of parts not specified by Suzuki or the use of imitation replacement parts.
    4. Used in competition and racing.
  4. Reminder to Owners:
    The original owner must fulfill the following:
    1. It is mandatory for the owner to present the free service coupon, whenever requesting for periodical check up/ service during warranty.
    2. Owner must take motorcycle at his own expense to any Suzuki accredited service shop for periodic warranty servicing.
    3. Owner must report to an authorized Suzuki dealer for any mechanical, electrical trouble, have dealers inspect the motorcycle within 6 days of the occurrence of any trouble, and send it thru fax.
    4. Owner must take the necessary recommendations on fuel and oil :
      1. Fuel – The gasoline to be used should be graded 85 to 95 octane in research method, and should be unleaded where they are available.
      2. Engine Oil – For the Suzuki “CCI” ( crankshaft & cylinder Injection) system, Suzuki CCI is highly recommended but if it is not available, engine oil with JASO “FB” or “FC” grade is recommended.
      3. Transmission Oil – Use of Suzuki transmission oil is highly recommended, but if it is not available good quality multi-grade oil or SAE 40 should be used.
      4. Front Fork oil – The front fork oil to be used should be “ATF” (automatic transmission fluid) or SAE 10/20 or Tecsamatic oil.
  5. Suzuki Philippines Incorporated shall determine:
    1. Whether any alleged defect is a defect covered by this warranty
    2. Whether a defective part is to be repaired or replaced.
    3. Whether the owner of the motorcycle has complied with the terms and conditions of this warranty.

    *The determination of Suzuki Philippines Incorporated of all the aforesaid matters shall be final conclusive.*

  6. Suzuki Philippines Incorporated no responsibility for loss of the use of the motorcycle, loss of time, inconvenience or any other indirect, incidental or consequential damage resulting from the motorcycle not being available to the owner because of any defect covered by this warranty.