1. Where can I order spare parts?
    Spare parts are available through any 3S/SMC shops.
  2. Where can I bring my motorcycle for repair?
    Please bring motorcycles to any of our 3S/SMC shops for repair.
  3. How much would be the installment term for (motorcycle model)
    Units are available through authorized dealers. Dealers will be the one to discuss the payment terms of motorcycles. Please directly communicate to any of our authorized dealers for computation.
  4. Where can I purchase a motorcycle?
    You may purchase a motorcycle to any of our 3S, SMC or Multi-brand shops.
  5. Where can I view the complete list of authorized dealers?
    You may use this link(Dealers) to check out the complete list of authorized motorcycle dealers.
  6. Where is your showroom for big bikes?
    We have an exclusive dealer for Big bikes, please refer to their contact details below.

    Suzuki Auto Makati
    Address: 2929 Finlandia St., Cor. Bautista St., Makati City
    Cellphone #: 09268840101 / 09212201328
    Landline #: (02) 844-6255 / (02) 844-3954
  7. Can I modify my Suzuki motorcycle?
    We highly discourage modifications on Suzuki motorcycles as it may affect the warranty and engine performance.